10 Movie Villains Who Would Have Won By Doing NOTHING

All Justin Hammer had to do was let Tony Stark self-implode.

Avengers Loki
Marvel Studios

Nobody loves an unnecessarily complicated scheme like a villain, right?

Unfortunately the most sensible and logical plot is rarely the most interesting or cinematic one, and so Hollywood is littered with examples of antagonists who got a little too overzealous for their own good.

Then there are those villains who, more likely than not, would've gotten exactly what they wanted in the first place by basically doing nothing - or damn close to it.

These 10 movie antagonists all launched their own harebrained, needlessly complex plans to do away with the hero, when they could've saved themselves a world of hurt - or an early death, even - by just kicking back and rolling with the tide.

Instead of chasing spurious, self-fulfilling prophecies and planning laughably convoluted means to achieve their goals, success was basically in reach if they just sat tight and let the universe unfold.

"Winning" can of course mean many things to many people, but considering how most of these villains ended up six feet under by film's end, there was clearly a simpler and more efficient way to get within reach of what they wanted...

10. Loki - Thor

Avengers Loki
Marvel Studios

As much as Loki (Tom Hiddleston) clearly loves an unnecessarily cunning plot to get what he wants, his Machiavellian scheming can evidently get the better of him sometimes.

In the original Thor, Loki sabotages Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) coronation in Asgard, eventually causing Thor to be banished to Earth by Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

That might sound like a solid enough plan to get Thor out of the way, except that Thor's time stuck on Earth consequently allows him to grow enormously as a person, putting his arrogance aside and becoming more humble.

But Loki's biggest single mistake might've been sending the Destroyer to Earth to try and kill Thor, which ironically resulted in his brother proving himself to be worthy of Mjolnir and getting his powers back.

Loki would've been in a far better position to take over Asgard if he simply let Thor run rampant as a reckless, petulant God who would likely self-annihilate sooner or later.

But rather than play the simple waiting game, Loki got impatient and hatched a contrived scheme which inevitably backfired.


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