10 Movies That Had A Bigger Impact Than You Realise

The unsung game-changers get their dues.

You can never know what impact a film will have until long after the change it heralds in is irreversible. Everyone thought Alice In Wonderland was a lifeless damp squib from a coasting Tim Burton, yet it's helped kickstart a sub-genre of dark revisionist fairy tales. And when X-Men first arrived on the scene no one could have expected superheroes to become the dominant force in blockbuster cinema. Heck, it's so unpredictable that the films everyone trumpets as the revolutionaries can often end up having very little impact at all. Avatar may have been heralded as a game-changer on release, but as 3D begins to fail there's little that it really impacted; it's just another stepping stone in the long journey towards photo-realistic CGI. And, as much as it pains us, Inception didn't lead to the barrage of smart, high-concept blockbusters we all expected. And even if a film does end up changing things, it doesn't mean it'll get the praise. Some movies are well known for being influential, but often some of their biggest contributions are overlooked in favour of their other achievements. In an attempt to correct the imbalance, today we bring you ten famous movies that changed a lot more than they're normally given credit for.

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