10 Movies Every Film Buff Should Have Seen Already

Call yourself a film buff? How many of these movies have you actually seen?

Film criticism has been around for as long as people have been making movies, but after the French film magazine Cahiers du Cinema reinvented the way we look at cinema, more and more audiences began to take the medium seriously as a legitimate art form. People started to pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of film, impressing others by discussing the intricacies of silent German Expressionist movies from the 1920's and obscure Czech animations from the 1950's... Ok, so not every film fanatic revels purely in art house material, but the rising popularity of film degrees in the download era means that audiences are more film literate than ever before. However, just like students of literature and art must learn about the classics in order to develop their understanding further, film buffs must also acknowledge the most important movies in cinematic history, even if they don't actually like them! As long as people continue to make movies, audiences will continue to argue over what the best film of all time is. Therefore, this list is not a definitive ranking of the best that cinema has to offer. Instead, these are 10 movies that all film buffs should see in order to appreciate the scope of cinema over the decades. If you're a hardcore film buff, check to see if you've seen all of these movies and if not, prepare to be educated... in the most fun way possible of course! Remember to let us know what you think of our choices in the comments section below!

David is a primary school teacher who tries his best to turn every math lesson into a discussion on the latest Pixar film. Passions include superheroes, zombies and Studio Ghibli. In between going to the cinema, moving to South Korea and eating his body weight in KFC, David writes for a number of movie sites,