10 Movies Everyone Likes For The Wrong Reasons

These are great films. You just don't know why.

There's some movies we can all agree on being great. Those films that not only showcase some of the best cinematic techniques but manage to be bloody enjoyable in doing it. You know the ones, they've become part of the popular cinematic landscape and usually sit sit at the top of greatest film of all time lists like the IMDb Top 250. We just may not agree on why those films are great. Goodfellas is widely regarded as one of Martin Scorsese's best works, but why it attains that varies from person to person. Some delight in how it delectably sets up the mob world as this ideal as an ideal lifestyle before having the real dangers unveiled, others just lose it at the extensive use of tracking shots, while a sizeable group just can't get over the violence; Billy Batts' death to Atlantis or Jimmy bumping off those involved in the Lufthansa heist to Layla stick in the mind to the extent they dominate their song's legacies. No matter what it is, we all love the film. Sometimes people will praise a film for a legitimate reason, but in doing so miss what actually made the movie so great. They're not totally wrong, they're just missing the bigger picture. Here are ten of those films and why they're really so awesome.

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