10 Movies Everyone Wished Were WAY Crazier

Cocaine Bear didn't go nearly far enough to satisfy.

Cocaine Bear

Who among us doesn't love a movie that just swings for the fences and serves up a boatload of insanity?

Take both of the Crank movies, which delivered everything anybody could expect from films about a guy forced to do insane s**t to keep his heart pumping.

Yet it's sadly far more common that films fall short of the wild expectations set by their premise, title, and even their trailer.

Movies are written, shot, and edited, and then the marketing department gets a hold of the zaniest material and sells it as something that it really isn't.

We've all been burned by a film that was sold on the strength of an insane idea, yet the movie itself failed to live up to that craziness for whatever reason.

It's always deflating when it happens, and while it doesn't necessarily mean the end result is awful or even bad, it's nevertheless undeniably underwhelming when a film doesn't realise its cray-cray potential.

We're then left to consider a much wilder version of the movie in our minds - one we'll sadly never get to see for real. The lesson here? When Hollywood claims they're throwing big money behind a nutty concept, be skeptical...

10. The Purge

Cocaine Bear
Universal Pictures

2013's The Purge was sold on the strength of its irresistibly original logline: what would you do if all crime, including murder, was legal for 12 hours once per year?

It's an electrifying provocation, and one ripe for an epic, chaotic dystopian action film in the vein of classic John Carpenter.

Except, the original Purge was ultimately produced for just $3 million, ensuring the action was largely confined to a claustrophobic home invasion scenario instead.

The audience was given only scant glimpses of the mayhem unfolding in the outside world, as ensured that many felt The Purge failed to live up to the lofty expectations posed by its premise.

Teeing up such an expansive, exciting scenario and then limiting it to a single house just felt like a huge cop-out.

Thankfully the film's success at least ensured the bigger-budgeted sequels went much harder, chronicling the insane carnage spilling onto the city streets.

But watched today, the original movie seems hilariously quaint compared to what came after.

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