10 Movies Finally Coming To Blu-Ray In 2014

It's time to add these titles to your high-definition collection (now that Hollywood has finally given you the option to do so).

After Blu-Ray discs hit the mainstream consumer market almost 7 years ago (and won the high-definition format war against HD-DVD), movie companies have steadily re-released countless films on the format. Over time, the catalog of readily available Blu-Ray movies has grown to include thousands of popular movies (and a few not-so-popular cult titles). Because the Blu-Ray market is so huge now, though, it is easy to forget that there are still countless movies that have yet to receive the high-def treatment. Below is our list of films that will finally be seeing a Blu-Ray release in 2014 - all of which are films that deserve to be seen in all of their high-definition glory. Thankfully, the list is made up of a nice mix of Hollywood hits and little-known gems from yesteryear.Please Note: These release dates apply to Blu-Ray releases in the US only - some of the movies mentioned within the article are already available in the UK and in many countries overseas.

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