10 Movies Franchises That Went From 5 Stars To 1 Star

Someone should have let these series die... hard.

It takes something very special for a film to be declared a five star masterpiece. It takes something damn-near God-like for a whole franchise to be. Having one less-than perfect entry is only to be expected; heck, even The Godfather stumbled with Part III. There's only a handful that have managed their entire run starting amazing and never faltering; The Lord Of The Rings and Richard Linklater's Before Trilogy are the two premier examples. Conversely, however, for a franchise that started off with that magic five to go all the way to bowels of atrocity and get a one star entry is equally rare. If a movie did so much right the first time around, odds are any sequel will have at least some of that magic. So many great franchises that took nosedives in quality - Terminator, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, X-Men - are all cases where, even at their very worst, the films aren't awful. Spider-Man 3, for all its reboot-inspiring, was at the very least well shot and featured a couple of interesting fight scenes. Today we're looking at the series that fell much, much further and, after kicking off with a five star movie, ended up churning out one or more one star entry. Prepare to see ten atrocities that were done in the name of your favourite films.

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