10 Movies From Your Childhood That Never Got Old

It’s not nostalgia when it’s still freakin’ awesome.

It€™s the mark of a genuinely good film - of any genre - if it€™s still got the same quality, the same allure, as it did when it was first released. Some films lose an element of what made them great when taken out of the era that spawned them. There are films that are specifically sixties, specifically seventies and eighties, which remain trapped in their era like flies trapped in amber, only watched and obsessed over by obsessives drawn to that time, those themes and those fashions. Children - especially those who grew up in the years following the expansion of cable TV and home media, when it was possible to watch fantastic kids movies from the comfort of their own homes - love to watch, and rewatch, and rewatch old films that they love, rewatch them so often that their copies can get worn out as they memorise every scene, every line of dialogue. It€™s that fascination that fuels fandom, that endless repetition that allows the creation of endless online resources dedicated to the minutiae of a film or a TV show. The films we love when we€™re kids stay with us long into adulthood€ but the big question is, are they still any good? These are the ten movies from our childhoods that never got old (unlike us, sadly).
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