10 Movies It's Impossible To Finish Without Crying

Not a dry eye in the house.

All macho-macho BS aside, being honest and upfront about our emotions is psychologically very important. Without the odd emotional release every now and then, people go a bit bonkers. Films tend to offer us a great emotional outlet; the ability to connect with a story not our own and show us the inherent commonality in human emotion. The trick that films use to engage with audiences is essentially to hold up a mirror; for example, if a movie can show you an emotional moment between a parent and child, viewers are likely to imagine their own familial relationship in the same situation being presented to them. This is the point where those emotions come bubbling to the surface, your vision goes blurry, and before you know it you've made your way through a box of Kleenex and gotten started on the kitchen roll too. There are some movies which are so on point with their consistent delivery of multiple emotional moments that there's no way in seven hells you can make it all the way through without crying; heck, in some of them, you can't even make it ten minutes. Let's take a look at ten of them. Good luck getting through these films.
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