10 Movies Made Under INSANE Conditions

Ryan Reynolds isn't allowed to improvise while filming Deadpool 3. Yikes.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Even in the best and most fortunate of circumstances, making a movie is so incredibly difficult - the result of potentially hundreds of people pooling their skills together to try and produce a quality end result.

Even with a huge crew and massive budget, a lot can go wrong, and no matter how much is being put into a project, there are always restrictions which the filmmakers have to push back against during production.

But in the case of these 10 films, each was uniquely defined by their absolutely insane shoot, which for one reason or another represent some of the most off-the-wall and unorthodox filmmaking in the industry's history.

From a movie made in an environment inhospitable to life, to a blockbuster shot without a finished script, and a film that recklessly endangered its entire cast and crew, these 10 movies were all made amid absolutely mind-boggling difficulty and turmoil.

In some cases the quality end result speaks for itself, while in others you have to question whether it was all worth it. All in all, though, these are completely unhinged conditions for anyone to produce a movie...

10. It Was Filmed Partially In Space - The Challenge

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Central Partnership

In May 2020, Tom Cruise announced that he's planning to shoot a film in space with director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), yet he's already been beaten to the punch by a team of enterprising Russian filmmakers, who earlier this year released their aptly-titled sci-fi docudrama The Challenge.

The film revolves around a surgeon (Yulia Peresild) who is sent to space to help an injured cosmonaut, with around 35 minutes of the epic's runtime consisting of footage shot in space with a small production team.

The cast and crew underwent a rigorous screening process and several months of training to endure the rigours of space, before spending 12 days shooting on and around the International Space Station.

Though the film hasn't yet been released outside Russia, early reviews have praised the technical execution of the space-shot scenes, and from the trailer alone, it certainly looks like a phenomenal, daunting achievement.

Your move, Tom.


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