10 Movies That Were About Nothing More Than Dirty Old Perverts

They may be odious people but their antics shock, amuse and appall you...

Perverts! Filthy, slimy perverts! Cinema is full of them but they rarely get celebrated for their contribution to the silver screen. From Grindhouse to Arthouse, and everything in between, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to films about perverts. Think of the film Salo, a true Arthouse film. In the film you get four dirty old perverts - in fact pervert is a rather mild term to laden them with. On the other end of the scale in the Grindhouse, you have the likes of Lucker the Necrophagus - a rampant, deranged necrophile pervert who likes his sexual partners to be in an advanced state of putrefaction. I have selected a range of films featuring perverts for your 'delectation'. They may be odious people but their antics shock and appall, and sometimes amuse you but they are always memorable and live on in infamy. Here are ten of the best Dirty Old Pervert movies, or at least movies which feature Dirty Old Perverts...

10. The Immoral Mr Teas (1962)

Oefjojfopjef Mr Teas is a cycling door to door salesman. He is a clumsy buffoon and likes to fantasise about what is below women's necklines. Mr Teas likes to watch happy couples together because he can only have paid sex with prostitutes. After a bout of dental surgery, Mr Teas develops the power of x-ray vision. This enables Teas to see women without their clothes on. He sees a bunch of girls swimming naked along with the dental secretary and a waitress. Embarrassment overcomes Mr Teas and he goes to a psychoanalyst whom he sees as naked. The cheeky narrator intones "on the other hand, some men are happy to be sick" Directed by Russ Meyer, Mr Teas is a perfect character to be a Dirty Old Pervert. He is an awkward social misfit who strikes gold with x-ray vision. Yes, it is a plot contrivance but it does engender a lot of perving about. The only problem with this is that Mr Teas becomes a recalcitrant pervert and wants to divest himself of his powers. Given that the film is directed by Russ Meyer - 'King Leer' and possibly the dirtiest old pervert in cinema history - the assertion at the end that some men are happy to be rampant perverts fits in with Meyer's saucy world view in which everyone is sex crazed. The Immoral Mr Teas is not just the story of a filthy pervert. It has historical significance. It was the first picture to feature above the board nudity. Prior to the film's release, the only nudity cinema goers encountered were either innocent nudist colony nakedness or through underground porno loops. With the Immoral Mr Teas, Meyer virtually kick started the sexploitation movie. The film would have been known specifically as a 'nudie cutie'. Meyer's films are saturated with perversions. The Immoral Mr Teas invites us to become voyeuristic perverts along with our hapless protagonist who just resembles the very image of a Dirty Old Pervert, if you were to imagine one. Kudos to Meyer for having balls the size of church bells to make this pioneering movie.

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