10 Movies People Hate For The Wrong Reasons

Learn the real reason why you should hate Spider-Man 3...

Far be it for us to tell you which movies to hate and why to hate them. That's a personal issue that's between you and your deity. But it seems that a lot of the time, the general populace picks a movie to hate, but then their reasoning behind it doesn't really address the major issues of the film. They're focusing in on one specific aspect of the film, and neglecting all the other things that make it abominable. Most of the time, it doesn't really matter, because for the cynical movie-going public, there are often plenty of things to hate floating around. But it's still something worth thinking about. Why do we hate the movies that we proclaim from the rooftops as being cinematic obscenities to God and Man? And when we know what we hate, is that really it, or are we just coming up with a convenient scapegoat? It's easy to say that Star Trek was terrible because JJ Abrams doesn't know how to frame a scene without using like twenty lens flares, but is that really enough hate a film, or are there other issues at play?

10. Clash Of The Titans

Why People Hate It: The infamously terrible 2D to 3D conversion, sacrificing the look of the film to capitalize on the newest fad. Unlike many films, which are filmed in 3D, this had to be converted, which costs a tremendous amount of money and never looks as good. The process was rushed, and the final product was a joke. Why People Should Hate It: In a way, the fact that the film suffered a special effects disaster shouldn't have been a deal breaker. It's sort of fitting as the original film is beloved for its shoddy special effects. But the one thing that movie had going for it was an undeniable sense of cheesy fun. But for such a high-octane epic using the greatest characters in mythology, the new Clash of the Titans film is surprisingly soulless. Even Sam Worthington admitted that he wasn't putting his all into the film, and it kind of shows. You could make such a good movie about the Greek gods fighting for dominance, but instead, all we remember from Clash of the Titans is the whole, "Release the Kraken!" bit.

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