10 Movies We Pretend We've Seen Just To Fit In

Come on, be honest; how many of these have you actually seen?

Alright, let's be honest. Many of us probably haven't seen half of the movies on the "Most Famous" or "Best Classics" lists. Many were maybe before your time. In the digital age, the temptation can be to only keep up with new movies that are constantly being released, so when classic movies become so ingrained in our society we often feel like we don't even have to see the films, just so long as we can carry on a conversation about the plot or the actors. We may be well acquainted with top blockbuster hits, but that can also mean missing out on classic Hollywood gems. Even worse, it can be hard (and quite frankly embarrassing) to admit that we haven't seen a movie others view as a must-see classic. "The Godfather? Yeah, sure I know that movie." Chances are, you can probably even quote it at this point too. There is a long list of movies that buffs and newcomers alike just nod along to just for the sake of fitting in. So what are the most famous movies you have never seen - but pretend that you have?

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