10 Movies You Most Regret Not Seeing At The Cinema

You can dim the lights and grab the popcorn, but it's never quite the same.

There's no better way to experience a movie than in the immersive environment of a cinema. The colours pop, the effects sparkle and the soundtrack booms through massive speakers. For a cinephile, there's no better place on Earth. Movies are designed for the cinema and so that is where they come into their own. The constant onward march of home viewing technology means that the living room experience is edging ever closer to the feel of a multiplex. But this just feels like damage limitation. There will never be a better way to see the latest releases than at your local cinema, whether it's a bombastic blockbuster, an elegant indie romance or a grubby horror movie soaked in Kensington Gore. Every film fan has their own selection of cinematic regrets. Everyone has sat, spellbound, watching a film unfold on DVD and wished that they could have first experienced that magic in the cinema. Sometimes it's a small film that just passed you by on its theatrical release and sometimes it's a classic of the past. The young film fanatics of today look back in envy at their parents' experiences of the original Star Wars films or Spielberg's pre-millennium blockbusters. It's clear that there are some films that are done a disservice if they are seen anywhere other than in a cinema. Here are ten of the most prominent examples, so prepare for splendour and spectacle.
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