10 Movies That Would Have Been Ruined If No-One Knew How To Drive Stick

0 Stick Intro Many movie characters have technical skills that most of us aren't meant to know. Like flying planes or helicopters. Or driving motorcycles. Or hacking computers. Or hot-wiring things. Or beaming people up. Or gymnastics. Characters are given these skills to help them stand out and be successful in their adventures. But there are some movies in which the characters are just meant to get themselves out of situations using abilities that any of us might be familiar with. One of these everyman solutions is driving, and many times, even in the last few decades, characters tend to drive stick. Yet a great deal of us, having been spoiled with automatic transmission, haven't had the experience on manual that we should. When you get right down to it, how many people do you actually know who can actually drive stick? One? Maybe eight? Don't exaggerate. In any case, such movie sequences force us to face a grave question€”would we be able to survive these dilemmas? Even more importantly, most of these would make great moments in a How It Should Have Ended cartoon. Click "Next" for just 10 of them! NOTE: Vehicle commandeering, as well as movies featuring cars first and foremost, such as The Fast and the Furious and American Graffiti, are not part of this list, because if we were presented with those situations, we would have found another way out!
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