10 Movies Scenes That You Probably Fast-Forwarded As A Kid

Too sad? Too terrifying? Too boring? As it a kid, you had no problem skipping the scenes that bothered you in your favourite flicks. Here's some we remember fast-forwarding back in the day.

Kids just do whatever they feel like doing. Whilst we adults are sitting around trying to stay awake through some black and white movie from the '30s that our pretentious friend told us was an "unappreciated masterpiece," the kids are upstairs, skipping through the worst bits of their favourite movies, because why on Earth would you watch the parts of a movie you didn't like? Point is, as children, we all likely felt pretty fine with the notion of fast-forwarding (this was the days of VHS, remember) through the scenes that we didn't feel like watching. Is there some brilliant, twisted commentary on the nature of what makes for a good or bad movie in the idea of a kid absent-mindedly skipping through the parts of the movie that failed to engage them? Maybe. Still, as a kid, you probably recall fast-forwarding specific movie scenes when your brain told you to just go ahead and do it, cowboy, either for reasons of boredom or because they scared the hell out of you or because they were so darn sad that they made you want to break down into tears. Here's 10 for your consideration, then: how many did you find yourself skipping over as a nipper?

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