10 Movies So Predictable Everyone Thought They Were Tricking Us

No surprises here.

Though the recent Men in Black: International demonstrated how painfully dull a predictable movie can be, it doesn't always have to be a bad thing, as long as those obvious plot beats are hit with some style and conviction.

Sometimes films will unfurl their narrative in such an obvious manner, often aided by spoilerific marketing, that audiences simply assume they're being tricked, leaving them waiting for a rug-pull that never actually happens.

Though many of the films on this list actually turned out pretty great, each nevertheless clung to the expected path, delivering almost precisely the narrative trajectory fans expected.

There are certainly cases where that predictability was thoroughly earned because it was dramatically satisfying, while in other instances it simply felt like a movie studio serving up the most desperately, lazily formulaic option in the hope of securing a stronger box office.

Whether for better or worse, these 10 films tied fans up in knots, expecting a third act surprise that never arrived...


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