10 Movies So Sad You Can Only Watch Them Once

Once is more than enough, thanks.

The Father Anthony Hopkins
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Movies are a magical place. Whether they're tickling our funny bone, breaking our heart, or educating us about something we might have otherwise never considered, they make us feel emotions few other artforms can.

And whilst everyone loves the power of laughter, there's nothing more powerful than a movie that is so emotionally devastating that the thought of watching it again fills you with a sense of dread.

Whether it's too crushingly relatable or tells a story so wrenching it's best left alone once the credits have rolled, the following movies are all brilliant explorations of some of the most affecting stories and themes ever put to the big screen. Great as they are, though, they're not exactly rewatchable.

From deep explorations of a relationship ending to a drama about dementia, these 10 films are worth seeking out for their emotional potency and thought-provoking assessments of life, but are so affecting that one viewing is more than enough...

10. A Star Is Born (2018)

The Father Anthony Hopkins
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A rare remake that surpasses its source material, Bradley Cooper's passion project A Star Is Born is a beautiful exploration of love, music, and chasing dreams. It's also a heartbreaker with a last act twist so cruel you'll never want to touch it again.

The story of a struggling artist (Lady Gaga) who falls in love with a jaded alcoholic musician (Cooper), the film sports some great songs, a generous pace, and two immeasurably powerful performances guiding it forward.

As the film wears on, it becomes increasingly clear that the love story is heading to a devastating finale, as Cooper's singer Jackson starts to succumb to his demons, drinking his problems away and losing himself to a mounting depression.

Needless to say, when the final twist comes, A Star Is Born is not a film you'll finish with a happy yell of "Let's watch it again!" In fact, you probably won't even be able to listen to its soundtrack without tearing up.


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