10 Movies That Terrify You (But Definitely Shouldn't)

Warning: these films may contain nightmare fuel that will probably haunt you for life.

Remember this guy? You and an entire generation no doubt carry his face deep in your subconscious as the man who warned you that the video you were about to watch might contain "sexy scenes". Despite the fact we've now wholly developed into full-fledged adults, that part still makes us giggle like schoolchildren. Though he did have an important message - preventing parents from allowing their children to see potentially troublesome issues at a young age - he didn't honestly tell us everything about a PG movie. It's fair to say the Video Standards Council were a set of absolute sadists; popping all-age classifications on some of the most disturbing films in history. Well guess what, VSC? You won! We're all scarred for life at some of the deeply unsettling "kids" movies deemed safe for viewing in years gone by. Take Disney for instance: they killed Bambi's freaking mother, Simba is tricked into believing he's responsible for his father's death, and 101 puppies are lined up to turn into fur Dalmation coats. Of course, villains in these movies need their evil ways accentuated to get the contrast of bad and good across to children; but there's "Oh, she is a bad lady!" and then there's, like, skinning dogs. What follows may unearth repressed memories from some of your most haunting childhood moments. Click next at your own peril.
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