10 Movies That Accidentally Filmed Things You Weren't Supposed To See

From shooting stars to crazy dog owners, not everything we see onscreen was meant to be there.

Mr. Nanny Hulk Hogan
New Line Cinema

No matter how bad the final product may turn out to be, every single movie that gets made has been meticulously mapped out, right down to those fine, seemingly irrelevant details - everything from the props, to the camera angles, to the weather conditions, to the number of extras that populate a scene.

After all, nobody sets out to make a bad movie, and having a clear roadmap will give the filmmakers the best possible chance at making a good one. But even when things are planned to perfection, you can never rule out something unexpected.

Many movies throughout history have found that out in ways that are funny, scary, heartwarming, or just plain bizarre, accidentally recording unique moments - some of them difficult to spot - that us viewers were never intended to see.

From strange, real-life incidents happening in the backgrounds of shots, to stray animals gatecrashing closed sets, to one-in-a-million natural phenomena being unintentionally captured on camera, there are plenty of movies that contain examples of these odd, accidental moments - even some of Hollywood's biggest and most famous blockbusters.

10. A Paperboy Falls Off His Bike And Breaks His Wrist (While You Were Sleeping)

Mr. Nanny Hulk Hogan

While You Were Sleeping is a by-the-numbers, yet fun romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, but most people who remember the film don't talk about its story or its characters - they only talk about its iconic paperboy scene.

A transition shot that plays roughly 31 minutes into the film shows a bike-riding paperboy speeding down a snowy suburban pathway. Now, because frosty weather and speeding vehicles is a dangerous combination, you can probably guess what happens next, and you'd be right: after tossing a couple of papers, the poor young lad takes a tumble, crashing to the ground in hilarious fashion.

For the performer's sake, you'd hope that this small moment of comedy was a planned stunt, because it looks like quite a painful fall. In reality though, this shot was captured completely accidentally - and the actor even broke his wrist as a result.


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