10 Movies That Aged Badly For Surprising Reasons

Real-life made one American Beauty subplot (even more) incredibly problematic...

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Some movies are beloved by fans when they come out, but as time passes people start to take a more subjective look at the film and realize it wasn't quite as good as they originally thought. There's plenty of reasons for this and some are pretty easy to spot:

Avatar was a beautiful movie, but when it isn't right in front of you it's much easier to realize it's a pretty lackluster plot about Unobtanium miners. Smokey and The Bandit is about Burt Reynolds driving around and being creepily 'charming' to women, but you couldn't get away with making a Smokey and the Bandit movie today.

Sometimes there's a quieter, more nuanced realization about just why a movie is no longer popular. Whether it's the fact that somebody behind the film, or starring in it, turns out to be a rapist or maybe society just changes and the movie no longer becomes as poignant, or acceptable, as once was. Can you imagine a movie made post-9/11 about an American helping out heroic Islamic holy warriors?

Look at The Matrix - once upon a time it was untouchable, but now there's a thousand articles on the net devoted to how stupid the idea of 'human batteries' was.


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