10 Movies That Almost Had Much Better Endings

So close.

Law Abiding Citizen Gerard Butler
Overture Films

There's perhaps no more important aspect of assembling a film than ensuring the ending is just right.

Countless great films have been derailed at the last minute by deeply unsatisfying endings, and to the same token, smart filmmakers know when it's time to ditch their original ideas and actually listen to test audiences.

But it's sadly far more common that studios, for fear of damaging their bottom line, will rubbish a brilliantly daring original ending and switch it out for a more sentimental finale that might even ensure the possibility of a franchise.

Granted, many of these endings are still pretty good, but had the filmmakers been able to stick to their guns and trust their original gut feeling, then the self-contained story would've had so much more integrity.

Instead, these 10 films all left their superior climaxes on the cutting room floor, even if in some cases the studio was eventually merciful enough to include them on the home video release...


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