10 Movies That Aren't Titled What You Think

Edge of Tomorrow isn't what you think.

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Warner Bros.

There's a hell of a lot in a name, that's for sure. Get it right and potential audiences will instantly know what a movie is about, but get it wrong and you'll leave them confused or, worse still, totally apathetic.

But a botched name doesn't have to be the end of the world, as studios aren't beyond renaming movies for the subsequent home video release, or in extreme cases, even altering their title while they're still in cinemas.

These 10 films all changed-up their name, whether a subtle tweak or a total overhaul, for a variety of reasons, be it to enhance brand recognition with wider audiences, to satisfy a studio's cataloguing preferences, or even to distance the film from an unfortunate real-life event.

Whether the films were good or bad, and whether or not the name change was actually warranted, each ditched their original title in lieu of one which they hoped would get more favourable eyes on the project, and as a result, the names you've been using for these movies actually aren't what they're officially called.

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