10 Movies That Blew INCREDIBLE Casts

9. Collateral Beauty

Sin City A Dame To Kill For
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Collateral Beauty basically feels like a parody of star-studded Oscar-bait, so aggressively does it shove a collective of tremendously skilled actors into such a mawkish, emotionally manipulative drama.

The film's ensemble counts among its number Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Michael Peña, Naomie Harris, Kate Winslet, and Helen Mirren, which on paper certainly suggests a movie with major awards potential.

Yet despite succeeding at the box office, David Frankel's film was lambasted by critics for both its misleading marketing campaign and groan-worthy dramatic twists.

The feeling among many was that Collateral Beauty was an unintentionally hilarious attempt to say something real about grief, yet it seemed inexplicable that so many outstanding performers signed up for something so blatantly treacly.

The film went on to receive a single Razzie nomination for Worst Screen Combo, citing the entire cast of "once respected actors." Oof.


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