10 Movies That Broke Promises To Fans

We knew he was Khan, dammit.

Star Trek Into Darkness Khan Benedict Cumberbatch.jpg
Paramount Pictures

Studies have consistently shown that most audiences like to know exactly what kind of movie they're going to see, and so if you're planning to screw with their expectations, you have to be really confident about doing so.

While on one hand we recently saw Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler promise to fix the title character's design and actually do it, far more major movies are guilty of promising one thing and sadly delivering another.

These 10 films all set up audiences for something - be it a villain, a subplot, or the supposed end of a franchise - only to pull the rug out and make them settle for something else entirely.

Does it mean that all of these movies are inherently bad? Absolutely not, but it certainly did their fan reception no favours whatsoever, because a vital part of keeping any fanbase healthy is ensuring the core fandom are happy - and we all know how toxic they can get.

These films instead dared to go back on their word, often to their own major detriment and the intense frustration of a baffled fanbase...


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