10 Movies That Cleverly START With Huge Twists

Terminator 2 trolled us all.

20th Century Fox

Writing a movie that builds to a single major plot twist can be a risky game.

Not only might said twist ultimately prove to be unsatisfying - making audiences feel like their time has been wasted - but flipping a movie on its head so late in the story can often feel like a cheap move, just a quick and easy way to hit viewers with one final "ah-ha!" moment before they leave the theatre.

On the other hand, a good way to mitigate these potential downfalls - and a trick that we don't see very often - is to place a twist at the start of the film instead.

Because most viewers won't be expecting this to happen, it will usually catch audiences off guard, and even better, changing the trajectory of the narrative at a premature stage is an effective technique for keeping viewers on their toes for the remaining duration of the film.

And that's exactly what these movies did. Early on, they led you to believe that their stories would be about one thing, only for them to twist into something else entirely, whether that's due to the death of an important figure, a radical shift in tone, or a revelation that flips the characters' world upside down.


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