10 Movies That Couldn't Wait To Spoil The Ending

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It's often said that movie marketing is too eager to spoil too much, with trailers frequently dropping massive spoilers or even giving away the entire plot for free.

This can prove especially infuriating where a film's ending is concerned, with studios sometimes showing themselves to be too eager - or more likely, too desperate - to get butts in cinema seats that they actually give the finale away ahead of release.

Granted, most of these endings are pretty great, so you can see why the marketing team would be chomping at the bit to exploit them as much as possible, but for audience members, it was more than a little frustrating seeing the climax spelled out so plainly.

Whether lazily given away in a spoiler-heavy trailer, cleverly hidden in plain sight within a poster or even ruined early within the film itself, these movies were all incredibly enthusiastic to get their ending out there as soon as possible - whether for better or worse...

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