10 Movies That Created Endless Memes

9. Predator

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"Dillon! You son of a b*tch!"

1987 brought us John McTiernan's Predator - the renowned sci-fi action romp starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in what is arguably his most celebrated role outside of the Terminator franchise. The movie follows a group of mercenaries as they are hunted through the Guatemalan rainforest by the titular extra-terrestrial entity.

The franchise-spawning original also just happened to inspire one of the more prevalent memes ever created. The early goings see Schwarzenegger's Dutch Schafer come face to face with his old war buddy and current CIA operative, Carl Weathers' Al Dillon.

The movie sees the pair's ludicrously campy handshake swiftly turn into an arm wrestling match, throwing the size of the pair's colossal biceps into even greater relief - it's literally referred to as the "Epic Handshake" in some circles. The meme is used to symbolize mutual agreement between two differing parties, with the subject in common written over Schwarzenegger and Weather's clenched fists and the opposing entities in question over each arm.

It's a crying shame that all the memes in the world couldn't protect poor Dillon's magnificent arm, as Weathers' Vietnam veteran ultimately has it removed by the Predator in cartoonishly bloody fashion shortly before his demise.

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