10 Movies That Cruelly Teased What We REALLY Wanted To See

9. Iron Man 3 Delivers The PERFECT Mandarin... Then Takes It Away

The Hangover 3 post-credits
Marvel Studios

Admittedly, Ben Kingsley's depiction of the Mandarin was a little different to the rogue seen within the pages of Marvel Comics. There, the Mandarin is a wealthy Chinese genius, with a mastery of martial arts and a penchant for world domination courtesy of his famed ten rings that have been adapted from alien technology.

Still, Kingsley gave film fans a brilliant, if not slightly different, take on a character who had been around in comic book form since 1964.

In Iron Man 3, there was a Mandarin who felt like a threat that was genuinely too much for Tony Stark to deal with. Forever being one step ahead of ol' Shell-head, Kingsley's Mandarin was a chilling, unrelenting presence who positioned themselves as one of the most intimidating figures in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe up until that point.

Of course, that amazing take on the Mandarin would be revealed to be a complete and utter sham, with actor Trevor Slattery playing the 'role' of the Mandarin as part of a plan from Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killian.

You could actually say Iron Man 3 didn't just tease us with what we wanted, it totally made that wish a reality for a good hour of its run time, before then highlighting that this was all merely a giant ruse - which is arguably even more frustrating than just a brief tease.


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