10 Movies That Dedicated Incredible Sequences To Their Actors

John Travolta gets the coolest comeback ever.

John Travolta Pulp Fiction

There are great scenes, and then there are great scenes.

Sometimes iconic movie moments emerge from great storytelling or incredible action, and sometimes filmmakers go the extra mile to provide their actors with a platform to showcase their skills.

These 10 movies all carved out scenes devoted to actors strutting their stuff, be it in the form of singing, dancing, putting themselves in harm's way or, you know, maybe actually just acting.

But in each case, the director went above and beyond to ensure the performer was given centre-stage to do their thing, and audiences were left stunned and maybe even charmed as a result.

Most actors would kill to have grandstanding scenes like this: they're the moments where careers are made and even saved, and occasionally where Oscars are won. They're enough to make you remember why you loved an actor so much in the first place.

And above all else, none of these films would quite be the same without these unforgettable moments...

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