10 Movies That Deserved To Become Cult Classics (But Didn't)

Why aren't more people talking about Mystery Men, dammit?!

Seven Psychopaths
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While the majority of the time the success of a big-screen offering can be measured on the amount of millions it brings home from the box office or lovely reviews sent its way upon release, there are also those flicks that only find their audience a little further down the road.

But when they do, the passionate few who celebrate a film that didn't exactly connect with a mainstream audience hold the power to take an unpopular or obscure entry and turn it into a full-blown cult classic.

Over the years, the likes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jennifer's Body, Dazed and Confused and so many more have experienced a second life of sorts thanks to a collection of adoring folks more than making their voices heard on the subject.

Yet, not every largely underrated piece of cinema has been lucky enough to receive the prestigious cult classic treatment. But, as seen in this particularly brilliant Reddit thread, that still hasn't stopped certain fans of these hilarious, ridiculous, or jaw-dropping gems from banging the drum for their under-the-radar darlings.

So, from the undervalued superhero flicks that were bringing joy before the MCU era, to those black comedy gifts that keep on giving with every revisit, these are those films that were so very close to becoming an absolute cult classic.

10. Logan Lucky

Seven Psychopaths

Gathering together an embarrassment of acting riches in the form of a Daniel Craig having the time of his life away from all things 007, Adam Driver delivering the goods as usual, and Channing Tatum once again showing off his unexpectedly brilliant comedic chops, Steven Soderbergh's 2017 heist comedy felt like it held all the tools to become a serious cult hit for the ages - even if the titular Logan brothers were a little less well-equipped.

In the time since it actually picked up some widely positive reviews upon its release, however, perhaps the director's most underrated entry to date has largely found itself being unfortunately forgotten and under-appreciated for the well constructed dose of laugh out loud joy Logan Lucky routinely is.

Everyone involved clearly put their all into producing one of the most gloriously entertaining robbery attempts ever committed to the big-screen, with Craig in particular showing off his ability to effortlessly slip into the more eccentric characters out there as Joe Bang long before his Benoit Blanc days. But that still couldn't keep this star-studded showing from also being hit with the Logan family curse in the end.


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