10 Movies That Didn't Understand What The Fans Wanted

Misguided isn't even the word.


Filmmaking is hard - there's no two ways about it. But when it comes to franchise filmmaking, there's always a clear stylistic and thematic template that has proven successful before, and which should probably be replicated in order to leave fans satisfied.

It's worked extremely well for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for instance - they know exactly what fans want and give it to them. They're not all great movies, but they know what their audience expects and deliver it in spades.

Not all franchises are quite so lucky, though, and as a fan of a movie IP, there's nothing quite so heartbreaking as watching a new entry that just doesn't understand what made the property popular in the first place.

There are certainly those big-budget failures that did at least try - Green Lantern, for instance, had a wise-cracking Ryan Reynolds and swung hard to try and realise the world of the comics, but between bad CGI and awful writing, it just didn't work.

These movies, meanwhile, were fundamentally misguided from a conceptual level upwards, and it's honestly amazing they passed through so many checks and balances unscathed before being greenlit and released...

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