10 Movies That Eerily Predicted Things In Real Life

Life imitates art.


Cinema is most commonly a reflection of life itself, holding up a mirror to the defining life events that make us human, no matter what a movie's subject matter might be.

But occasionally, films have beaten real life to the punch by accidentally foreshadowing it, from world-famous tragedies to events so bizarrely specific that the predictions are extremely difficult to ignore.

That's certainly true in these 10 movies, all of which feature prominent plot points which, sooner or later, ended up occurring in real life.

From broad predictions for the future that were absolutely on the money - with a few cinematic embellishments, of course - to actors who befell the very same fates that their own characters did, these films were prophetic in manners as ominous as they were jaw-dropping.

It's all pretty much coincidental, bar one or two cleverly educated guesses perhaps, but even so, it's tough not to be stunned by how life appeared to imitate art with such an eyebrow-raising level of accuracy...

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