10 Movies That Forced You To Answer Impossible Questions

Saw your foot off, or remain trapped in a grotty bathroom for all eternity?

Movies present us with all sorts of lovely scenarios. Toys that come to life, cats that can talk, superheroes looking out for us every time a masked robber decides to steal a handbag, which is fairly often all things considered.

There's plenty out there designed to see the very best human experience bless our screens and give us the warm fuzzies for a good couple of hours... and then there's the films that want to do the opposite.

Excruciating in their execution, there's the dark underbelly of cinema that makes us face up to things we never knew possible: intent on putting their characters through the worst situations and forcing us to try and decide how we'd handle these mind-melting ultimatums ourselves. It's all lose-lose and pretty depressing, yet morbid curiosity always wins out.

At the bottom of it all, it all boils down to one smug question: Well, what would you do?

HONOURABLE MENTION: Twilight - Edward Or Jacob?

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Taylor Lautner

Now, this might not seem like all that impossible of a decision considering it's who you'd rather bang out of a brooding emo or a charismatic set of abs, but the outrage that has spread throughout the film community since Twilight's release would have you think it was another thing entirely.

Featuring an angsty teenage girl who just wants to be understood, man, she soon finds solace in the arms of hunky Edward Cullen - a vegetarian vampire who wants to suck her dry but politely declines. Jacob's also a pretty stand up guy who helps her settle in, but it's the former that gets her all hot and expressionless in the end.

Riots of 'Team Edward' versus 'Team Jacob' have long since dominated any casual discussion surrounding the film and sent watchers screaming into the distance lest they not CHOOSE between Bella's two love interests. But really, there's no right answer in whichever teenage heartthrob tickles your pickle. Or slams your clam. Or whatever disgusting analogy we're going to go with here.

Truthfully, whether it's necrophilia with an undead vampire or bestiality with a sultry werewolf, neither is a very good look.

10. Would You Rather - Cut Your Own Eyeball Open, Or Be Potentially Drowned?

Matrix Pills
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Would You Rather is a grotty little horror much in the same vein as the Saw movies, though instead of playing its hand on outright toe-curling gore, this film leaves you well alone with your thoughts when it comes to its sadistic choices.

Featuring a dinner party where the guests are out to win a cash prize, Iris joins a collection of guests in an attempt to get her brother a much needed transplant - and is soon sucked into the titular sick parlour game. This time however, there is no funny drinking game, only a choice between which limb is your favourite and which ones you'll lop off for cold hard cash.

Watching is much like taking part yourself, as you'll find being offered the choice of slitting your eye open or waiting out a two-minute dunk into a barrel of water soon makes you decide pretty sharpish (if you'll excuse the pun). The attendees can't escape, and neither can we when we're drawn into the narrative - forcing some truly pained answers out to 'this or that' questions you never thought you'd hear.

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