10 Movies That Get Basic Facts Wrong

You're so much smarter than that.

In our age of "fake news" and rampant online disinformation, it definitely pays to be skeptical about the sources you're receiving so-called "knowledge" from, and that's perhaps no truer than in the world of film.

Hollywood is the grand dream factory after all, and even in the most apparently plausible and realistic movies, concessions are made for the sake of a more easily understood mainsteam product.

But sometimes these moments of narrative streamlining manage to permeate into the pop-culture consciousness in one way or another, because the filmmakers presented their spurious "facts" with an unearned degree of solemn believability.

No matter whether the film was a straight-laced drama or a ridiculous blockbuster, these movies all misled audiences with incorrect non-facts which many viewers nevertheless took at face value.

Granted, most of these cinematic lies could be revealed with nothing more than a quick Google search, but for many, there wasn't really any reason to believe that these films were just making things up.

Do these lies ruin their respective movies? In most cases absolutely not, because we as viewers are happy to suspend our disbelief, even if you might cringe slightly at just how shamelessly they peddled this blatant misinformation as true...


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