10 Movies That Judge You For Watching

Enjoy the movie...you piece of human garbage.

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Movies are a business above all else, and perhaps the most important rule of business is not to insult your customers, a rule that Hollywood has a pretty complicated relationship with at the best of times.

Still, aside from films that accidentally show contempt for audiences through their sheer awfulness - looking at you, Men in Black: International - there are occasionally films that don't care at all about placating viewers or making them feel comfortable.

Every so often, a film will wear its disdain for filmgoers on its sleeve, veiled beneath either a gossamer-thin layer of satire, or in extreme cases, literally blurted out in the audience's face.

These 10 films, from trashy blockbusters to smart-as-hell arthouse offerings, all judged the hell out of the viewer for their general movie preferences, their barbaric lust for violence, or maybe even their ongoing complicity in pressing social issues.

Whether terrible or terrific, though, each of these films had more on their mind than simply narcotising the audience with two hours of cinematic escapism...

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