10 Movies That Left Behind Crazy Things On Film Sets

Tim Burton left behind an entire fake town after shooting Big Fish.

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Generally speaking, when a film production descends upon an existing location with their cast, crew, props, and whatnot to shoot a movie, the expectation is that they will pack up and leave the place as they found it once their work is done, allowing general life to return to normal.

But for better or worse, this often isn't the case.

The production might deem it too expensive to haul large props away and dismantle massive set extensions - even though it seems like their obvious obligation to do so - or the locals might even cut a deal with the studio to keep things as they are for the sake of exploiting tourism once the film comes out.

Whatever the reason, there are some truly shocking, bizarre, and expensive things which do end up getting left behind on movie sets, whether intentionally or not.

From unsavoury substances used to shoot gory death scenes, to iconic structures fans visit today like a pilgrimage, to even props which got lost on-location and were rediscovered decades later, these 10 movies all left some staggeringly absurd objects behind...

10. A Fake Bloodstain Wasn't Cleaned Off An Apartment's Floorboards - Heat

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The crew of Michael Mann's iconic crime epic Heat left behind a rather grim surprise for the future owners of an apartment which was used as the home of criminal Trejo (Danny Trejo).

Trejo is killed in the third act of the movie, bleeding to death on the floor of his apartment after being tortured, and when more recent owners of the abode watched Heat after learning it had been filmed there, they decided to pull up the very same carpet where the death scene was shot.

To their surprise - and hopefully perverse amusement rather than abject terror - they discovered the still-present residue of the fake blood, which had soaked through from the carpet to the floorboards underneath.

Despite Heat's mighty $60 million dollar budget, the film's cleanup crew apparently skimped on the finer details.


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