10 Movies That Made Actors QUIT Forever

Imagine getting that much hate.

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For some, the prospect of being an actor working in Hollywood is the stuff that dreams are made of. After all, what could possibly be more amazing than being famous, making movies, raking in cash and sharing time with the industry's biggest stars?

Unfortunately, the reality of making films and living in the movie industry is often far removed from what people imagine it to be. Behind the scenes feuds, personality clashes, creative differences and just a general loss of passion can lead to many actors completely stepping out of the spotlight - be them budding child stars, or acclaimed veteran performers.

With the frantic lifestyle that goes along with the art to the realisation that their career has hit a dead end, many actors' experiences can find them living more of a nightmare than a dream.

The following list is concerned with those actors whose careers were cut short because of one particular film. Whether the movie was a dismal failure or the actor simply lost their passion whilst making it, the following movies caused actors to re-evaluate their job and eventually step out of the public eye.

10. Shirley Temple - A Kiss For Corliss (1949)

Daniel Day Lewis Phantom Thread
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When it comes to Hollywood icons, few are able to rival the image and timeless influence of Shirley Temple. The ultimate child star, Temple spent much of her adolescence portraying the innocent and lovable child who would sort out the issues plaguing the older protagonists.

After roles in films like Bright Eyes (1934), The Little Colonel and Our Little Girl (both 1935), the actress was on top of the world. But after her initial career boom she began to grow up, and her wholesome image had to be altered with her age, in hopes that her commercial appeal could continue into her teenage years.

Throughout the 1940s she starred in several big budget flops, including The Blue Bird and Young People, and hoped for a major comeback. Unfortunately, nothing materialised, and it became clear to both Temple and the studios that she would never be able to reclaim her earlier popularity.

After starring in 1949's romantic comedy A Kiss For Corliss, Temple admitted that her career had reached a dead end, and officially announced her retirement the following year, aged 22.

Following her Hollywood exit, the actress went on to become a politician and worked for the United Nations, and passed away in 2014 having never returned to the movies.


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