10 Movies That Made Things Complicated To Hide Their Flaws

9. Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch
Warner Bros. Pictures

If you ever make a film and have to respond to everyone's reaction to its seemingly exploitative, slightly grubby portrayal of women characters by shouting "NO, ACTUALLY IT'S FEMINIST!" insistently then you've probably done something wrong. And that's exactly what happened with Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch - a sort of Inception of escapist fantasies in which a character called Babydoll (clue number one) escapes the hell of mental illness (clue number two) by imagining she works in a brothel (clue number three). Then she imagines another fantasy level in which all of the girls dress like overly-sexualised e-girls (clue four).

The big problem with Sucker Punch, apart from the obvious, is that it seems so intent on insisting its intelligence despite the very obvious fact that it is utterly vapid. The convoluted, multi-layered plot is designed to hide not only the fact that its portrayal of women is repugnant but also that the script is awful, the characters deeply unlikeable and the whole endeavour entirely numb-skulled.

There was SOME value in a steampunk Alice In Wonderland/Wizard Of Oz sort of situation, but not this way and not this stupidly.


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