10 Movies That Missed Out The Money Shot

No flag for Neil Armstrong?! CAPTAIN AMERICA DIDN'T DIE FOR THIS!!

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Like all the best things in life, movie narratives are about an excitement build-up and a climactic release that satisfies and makes all of the commitment to the preliminary stages worth it. Sex, basically, only without the mess.

The exchange of fluids might not be there, but there IS an exchange between audience and story-teller, which has established a fairly reasonable set of expectations with the former. We usually know where we're being led, whether it's by heart or head or loins. But what if the satisfaction never comes? What if the movies wilfully neglect the money shots and we get no pay-off as expected?

In other words, what if films miss out the most important or most exciting moments on purpose and leave us in an unsatisfied heap? It certainly happens...

10. Cap's Assassination - Captain America: Civil War

Death Of Captain America

From the minute Kevin Feige announced that Marvel's third Captain America movie was going to be an adaptation of the iconic Civil War comics arc, fans began to speculate that we'd be seeing the end of Steve Rogers. After all, this was the story that ended with Cap shot dead (well, not dead but at least temporarily comic book dead) after handing himself in to end the superhero on superhero conflict that had torn Marvel comics apart.

It also looked like the perfect opportunity to allow Chris Evans to move away from the MCU (even if that too turned out to be temporary by some creative writing), with suggestions that he wanted to try his hand at film-making in a more substantial way. And on top of that, Marvel seemed to be hinting that the stakes WOULD be high for the ensemble event, which could surely mean only one thing...


Only, Marvel Studios don't purely adapt their comics and that iconic shot of Cap dying went the same way as Goliath being killed, Spider-Man being unmasked and the bloody trigger event. Instead we got a much softer adaptation and Cap lived to fight another day, robbing comics purists of one of the greatest ever story moments in Marvel history.

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