10 Movies That Picked The Wrong Twist

The Village should've made the monsters real at the end.

The Matrix Reloaded Neo
Warner Bros.

A twist ending can absolutely make or break a movie - get it right and the audience is both stunned and eager to watch the film again, but miscalculate it and it basically collapses the entire story.

Sometimes an unconvincing twist is additionally frustrating because it's clear that the filmmakers were onto something, but didn't quite get the finer details right.

That's certainly true of these 10 movies, all of which delivered plot twists which ended up landing with a clunky thud for most viewers.

However, there were definitely the seeds of a more interesting rug-pull sewn, only for the writers to spring for an altogether less engaging reveal.

With some fairly modest screenplay tweaks, these films could've all served up considerably smarter and more surprising twists that also made more sense in the grand scope of the story.

In some cases these twists were thought up by fans, while in others they were actually considered by the filmmakers, yet for whatever reason - typically executive intrusion - they never came to pass.

And so, we're left to consider how much better these movies would've been had they sprung for different plot twists...

10. Wonder Woman

The Matrix Reloaded Neo
Warner Bros.

The Twist We Got

The Greek god of war, Ares, is revealed to have been Sir Patrick (David Thewlis), a member of the Imperial War Cabinet, all along, who plans to destroy humanity through war in order to bring "paradise" back to Earth.

However, this ploy is thwarted when Diana (Gal Gadot) defeats him in a CGI-slathered final battle.

The Twist We Wanted

It would've been infinitely more interesting if, after General Ludendorff's (Danny Huston) defeat, Ares never shows up and yet humanity continues to wage war regardless.

Having Diana realise that war is an ugly aspect of human nature, and one which doesn't need the influence of a deity, would've been a considerably more satisfying twist ending than shoving David Thewlis into a CGI costume for a garish, dull digital slug-fest.

It would've delivered both a welcome subversion of expectations and served up crucial character development for Diana, while the twist we ended up with instead felt like a cynical studio note.

"Needs more explosions!," you can practically hear Warner Bros. executives say while you're watching the final fight play out.


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