10 Movies That Pissed Audiences Off In The Final Scene

So close to a satisfying ending.

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As much as first impressions count for a lot, there's arguably nothing more important in a movie than how it ends.

After all, every other scene in the film leads up to that final one, and if it leaves audiences exiting the cinema baffled, irritated, or even downright angry, it will often taint their opinion of the entire movie, no matter how great it might've been.

Granted, not all films are designed to leave viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside, but all the same, these 10 movies had audiences practically foaming at the mouth as the end credits rolled, thoroughly pissed off at the very final scene.

Whether a creative miscalculation or an intentional act of baiting the audience, these endings were aggravating, frustrating, and often even downright trolling, ensuring those watching were left in a state of high anxiety and irritation - for better or worse.

In some cases it only invited more fervent debate about the movie, while in others it simply left everyone vocally complaining. Either way, loud groans were heard in cinemas worldwide when these films first hit screens - and ever since...

10. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is easily the most divisive Star Wars movie since the prequels, with many fans expressing frustration that it took the most predictably nostalgia-baiting storytelling path possible, indicative of the sequel trilogy having no clear-cut plan before it got started.

While the majority of the movie is at least a watchable, passably entertaining sci-fi flick for fans who can excuse its rather ham-handed plot, it saves its most cardinal and insulting sin for the very end.

As Rey returns to Luke Skywalker's (Mark Hamill) childhood home on Tatooine, an elderly passer-by asks her name, to which she replies, "Rey Skywalker," leaving a good portion of the audience groaning in second-hand embarrassment.

Understandable as it is that Rey wanted to ditch the Palpatine name, adopting the Skywalker moniker didn't feel remotely earned, but rather a lazy, excessively sentimental attempt to further tie the central characters together.

The ending would've been so much less obnoxious if we didn't hear Rey's reply, leaving at least something for audiences to chew on rather than pandering to the worst, most syrupy instincts of the fanbase.


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