10 Movies That Pissed Audiences Off The RIGHT WAY

You got mad, but you liked it.

Gone Girl Ending Rosamund Pike

Most people don't watch movies to be left annoyed or pissed off - they want to be entertained and feel happy with how a story was wrapped up, allowing them to effortlessly escape their everyday lives.

Hence why fans responded so abrasively to the likes of Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and countless other divisive tentpoles which took major risks and angered a good portion of the audience in the process.

But sometimes the right move isn't the one that leaves viewers smiling, it's the one that makes them righteously angry, whether to sell the injustice of a downbeat moment, or even draw attention to a pressing real-life issue.

It's a fine line, admittedly, but skilled filmmakers can frustrate their audience with a lack of catharsis and still deliver an end result that's satisfying or at least appropriate for the story and characters.

These 10 films, whether fantastical or disconcertingly true to life, all dared to push viewers' buttons and came out the other side in tact.

You were surely left exasperated, irritated and maybe even a bit baffled by these films, but in each case it was also the right creative call, as you perhaps only appreciated in retrospect.

Nevertheless, if you're going to watch these movies, make sure you've got something safe and frothy lined up afterwards - or at least a box of antacids to keep the bile at bay...


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