10 Movies That Pissed You Off Straight Away

Tenet's infuriating sound mix was apparent from its opening scene.

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First impressions account for a lot in cinema as they do in general, and so it's understandable that audiences might start to tune out if a movie's opening sequence gives them reason to.

That's not to say that a film can't recover from a dodgy first scene, but that filmmakers generally want to hook viewers with an absolute banger of an opening to secure their attention moving forward.

These 10 films, however, took the bolder opportunity to, whether intentionally or not, leave audiences thoroughly pissed off from the first few minutes alone.

From the jump, these movies immediately put audiences on the defensive backfoot for one of many reasons - perhaps a beloved character was killed off, a cliched plot twist was revealed, or maybe the scene simply failed in its attempt to grab the audience's attention.

Whatever the reason, these films all had viewers feeling anxious and irritated in record time, enough that it almost seemed purposeful in some cases.

A few of these movies were at least good enough to recover and find their footing in subsequent scenes, but some were irreparably tainted by the damage dealt in that opening gambit...

10. John Connor Dies - Terminator: Dark Fate

Eternals Jolie
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Terminator: Dark Fate may have received broadly positive reviews from most critics, but the fan response was considerably more vitriolic, and it all stemmed from the movie's arguably sacrilegious opening scene.

The film kicks off in Livingston, Guatemala, where Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and her son John (Edward Furlong) are living the easy life some three years after the events of Terminator 2, where they categorically stopped Judgment Day.

However, the scene quickly turns ugly when the pair are attacked by a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sent back through time by Skynet, which promptly murders John and leaves the scene.

As impressive as the digital de-aging effects throughout the scene are, fans were left furious that John Connor, the future resistance leader whose survival the entire franchise was centered around, was killed off a whole three minutes into this new sequel.

It felt like a betrayal of everything the series was about, and it didn't soothe angry fans that the rest of the film was concerned with introducing a new John Connor surrogate, Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), clearly intended to replace him as the new protagonist of the franchise.

It spectacularly backfired, of course, as Dark Fate was a colossal box office bomb, killing any prospect of a direct sequel as surely resulted in much fan schadenfreude.


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