10 Movies That Prove Fanboys Should Never Get What They Want

Be careful what you wish for... because you just might get it.

There's never really been a better time to be a fanboy of, well, pretty much anything. With the relationship between the consumer and creator becoming ever-closer due to the likes of Twitter, there's an immediacy of response like we've never experienced before, and though this is for the most part a good thing, it can turn sour if the fanboys aren't happy. By definition, a fanboy is someone fiercely devoted to a given product (in this case a movie franchise) to the point of being protective of its integrity, and keen to defend it from even those who are put in charge of delivering it to us. At their best, fanboys are an example of how much passion a great movie can get out of people, and at their worst, fanboys are crybabies that don't even really know what they're talking about. Whether we're aware of it or prepared to even admit it, we've all had our fanboy moments for sure, and if you see a little of yourself in any of these points, it might be worth taking a step back and just remembering that, after all, these products we guard so dearly are, at the end of the day, just movies. It might seem like we're picking on fanboys in all their forms, but honestly, we love it for the most part: it's when that enthusiasm goes unchecked, however, that it can mutate into something far more toxic and unhealthy. Did we miss any dangerous examples of fanboyism? Let us know in the comments!

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