10 Movies That Ruined Perfect Casts With One Bad Choice

9. Snow White And The Huntsman – Kristen Stewart

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At first, Rupert Sanders’s directorial debut Snow White and the Huntsman looked quite promising, offering a darker, fresher take on the classic fairy tale than the twee Disney version we’ve come to know best.

Charlize Theron is suitably wicked as evil queen Ravenna, and Chris Hemsworth is perfectly brooding as the rugged titular huntsman. And they are joined by a host of delightfully talented British actors including Ian McShane, Ray Winstone and Bob Hoskins as the dwarfs (all ‘full-size’ actors, incidentally, which caused an uproar itself, but that’s another argument entirely). But in casting Snow White, the producers unfortunately turned to tween favourite Kristen Stewart.

While her slack-jawed non-presence might have been suited to the godawful Twilight series, Stewart brought none of the vivaciousness needed to reimagine Snow White from a helpless maiden into a warrior princess. No doubt hoping to cash in on the popularity of the tween idol, the film instead gave us a disappointing Snow White that was more passive and pouty than inspiring heroine.


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