10 Movies That Salvaged Terrible Characters

From superzeros to superheroes, these characters were definitely salvaged in later movies.

Rick Flag
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Even though just about every movie studio on planet earth would prefer it to be the case, not every single character introduced onto the big screen hits the ground running from the get-go. Hell, even personalities that do originally go down a treat with audiences the world over have been known to go off a cliff when not handled with the sort of care and attention they desperately needed.

However, just because fans dramatically reject a version or particular showing from an on-screen face doesn't necessarily mean all is lost. After all, like many things in life, the damage isn't usually as bad as it initially seems.

As the following films have brilliantly demonstrated, a once painfully boring, dreadfully executed, or just plain dumb attempt to bring a character to life in a feature can be redeemed in just one well-thought-out 2-hour delight.

From beloved side characters finally being realised in the way fans had desperately hoped for all along, to one-time duds evolving into a series' unexpected MVP, these characters were on the brink of permanent infamy, but were thankfully saved in the end.

10. Juggernaut - Deadpool 2

Rick Flag

Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand isn't exactly a film bursting with highlights by any means, but it did still manage to give us Kelsey Grammer's excellent Beast and Magneto's rather impressive bridgework.

When it comes to the flick's many let-downs, however, there's an argument to be made that the cinematic introduction of series favourite Cain Marko/Juggernaut was up there as the more painful. Spending more time focusing on cringey one-liners - less we forget that he is the Juggernaut, "b*tch!"- than being a formidable force that inspires instant fear in a glance, most fans happily erased this limp version of the character from their memories the minute they stepped out of the cinema.

Then, hope manifested itself in the form of Ryan Reynold's second outing as the Merc with a Mouth. During said Deadpool sequel, a Reynold's-voiced second-coming of the character finally delivered the top-heavy titan we'd been waiting for all along. Sure, the one-liners were still there, but this time they were imbued with a sense of genuine dread.

On top of this, the sight of Marko literally splitting the titular anti-hero in half pretty much redeemed the character all in one go.


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