10 Movies That Should've Been About Different Characters

9. District 9 - Make the Prawn Father the Lead

In the first half of the Sci-Fi Thriller District 9 we have to, unfortunately, get to know Sharlto Copely's Witkus, an operative for Multi-National United who oversee the Alien Refugee Camp District 9 near Johannesburg, South Africa. 27 years ago the Alien Ship mysteriously appeared in the skys above the city. Since then their technology have been exploited by Multi-national united and the "Prawns", as they've come to be known, have been herded into ghetto-like District 9. Mistreated and oppressed the Alien population seeks a way off the planet. However, the focus for the film is Witkus the repugnant and unsympathetic MNU agent who relishes in inflicting pain on the refugees. The audience is supposed to relate to this character's journey of self-discovery as he, ironically, changes into a Prawn, when all we're thinking is he had it coming for a long time. In stark contrast is an alien Prawn trying to raise a child in unimaginable conditions, whilst trying to free his people. We feel for the plight of the two of them. The film is confusing in its stylistic choices, a faux documentary with talking head interviews at times and a regular sci-fi film the other. Which leads me to believe they didn't understand the emotional core of the story, the Prawns serving as the a symbol for human intolerance. So how about making the Prawn the narrative focus as we see him and his species try to just survive in a human world. Since these aliens exhibit the best in humanity; family bonds, compassion and resourcefulness, there is no need for a repugnant human lead to guide the audience in this Sci-Fi story.
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