10 Movies That Show The Dark And Evil Side Of Social Media

10. Megan Is Missing (2011)

Megan Is Missing zones in on the lives of two fourteen-year-old girls named Megan and Amy who represent a generation swept up in a sea of moving images. Everything in their world is recorded or put online - from a few fleeting thoughts, to an entire evening's worth of partying. After some time chatting with a stranger online who calls himself Josh, Megan goes to meet him in person and does indeed go missing, sparking Amy into action to try and find out what happened to her friend. The movie masquerades as a genuine mash-up of bits and pieces of found footage surrounding the two teens - including CCTV images, phone videos, computer files and news reels. This places the film resolutely in the modern day, whilst also attempting to appear as completely authentic footage that has been cobbled together to tell a coherent story. What's Dark About It? Everything, really. A movie about the vanishing of a fourteen-year-old girl doesn't exactly suggest smiles and sunshine, and even the scenes in which the two friends innocently live teen life aren't particularly innocent, with the pair binging on booze, drugs and engaging in sex acts during a house party. Things only get darker from there, and the film's final images are some of the most sickening you're ever likely to see. Is It Any Good? Interestingly assembled and extremely sinister, Megan Is Missing does have some powerful elements about it that brazenly underline the dangers of the unseen faces that lurk behind the innocent mask of social media. On the other hand, the acting is pretty sub-par for the most part, and the film's final few reels are unnecessarily despicable. A little subtlety in this portion of the movie might have worked wonders.
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