10 Movies That Subtly Homaged Other Movies

8. Ocean's Thirteen Homaging The Godfather

Gravity Wall E
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Crime capers rarely come as fun as those in the Ocean franchise. George Clooney and his all-star cast of heist pals are a gang but they don't operate with the same violence as the most iconic gangsters in cinema. Yet that doesn't mean they can't make reference to these gangsters and that's exactly what Steven Soderbergh did in Ocean's 13. With Al Pacino cast as the wealthy investor Willy Bank, this film pitted his villainous character against Clooney's Ocean. Bank had screwed Ocean's heist pal Reuben out of the rights of a hotel-casino. He had to be dealt with.

Ocean goes to see Bank at a construction site and attempts to talk the problem out before putting any complicated plans in motion. Before outlining the reason he is there, he says 'what I want, what is most important to me'. This is a homage to one of Pacino's most famous lines as Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Michael utters it when he meets, and later kills, Sollazzo and McCluskey in a Bronx restaurant. The repetition of this line could be interpreted as foreshadowing for the events that will follow: Bank is going to underestimate Ocean and it will be his downfall.

Further references are made to The Godfather in Ocean's Thirteen but this is the one that sticks out.


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